Privacy policy

Isami, Inc. (shop), a thorough understanding of their parents on the importance of personal information on compliance with laws and norms concerning personal information, follow the following privacy policy.

■ acquisition and use of personal information
We have to get your personal information when it is a product inquiry or purchase. The information obtained will be used for the following purposes.

1. Confirm your order, to order an inquiry
2. in order to ship the item
3. To respond to inquiries and requests
4. in order to inform and guide our products and promotions

■ Management of Personal Information
We have put a person responsible for personal information management, and manage personal information appropriately. The external leakage and unauthorized access, loss of personal information, destruction, and implement appropriate measures to prevent falsification. In the event of accident, and corrective action will be proper in accordance with our regulations.

■ Disclosure of Personal Information
We can not disclose personal information to third parties without your prior notice unless there is no following.

1. a person's life, if it is difficult to obtain consent for the protection of health or property
2. the rights of our actions on the website of our customers, and may have damage to the goods and services and, if deemed necessary for the protection of those
Revision of Privacy Policy
Now, the shop may be revised in part or in whole privacy policy.

■ Consultation Suggestion
Contact opinions about the handling of personal information

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