Best Quality Gi among all Isami BJJ gi. No Patches.

Sashiko Jiu-Jitsu Gi (No Patches)【Blue】

Item No:JJ-440B
Stock:Made to order with no specific lead time
Note:Soft and Light, but Durable.

  • JPY 20,900
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Due to the serious lack of manpower at the production line for Jiu-Jitsu gi, we are no longer able to calculate (predict) the specific lead time. If not knowing specific lead time (although it should be no more than 6 months) is OK, please email which model, color, size, quantity, and your name and address to

How to order with embroidery

The pants fabric (100% cotton twill) of some colors & sizes has discontinued.
Instead, we can make the pants with substitute twill fabric.
Substitute fabric is 65% polyester 35% cotton, so it shrinks a bit less than original 100% cotton twill fabric.

Click on the item/size you want, then price will change accordingly.

Please click and check size chart for choosing the size.

Jacket: Lightweight Double Weave Sashiko fabric (100% Cotton)
Pants : Twill (100% cotton) or Substitute Twill (65% Polyester 35% Cotton)
Country of Origin
Jacket and Pants can be sold individually.
Pants Waist: Drawstring
Belt is not included.
This item is “made to order”, so you can not cancel after you make the payment, and not subject to return or exchange.

*Suggested Height doesn't consider personal preference,
so please refer to above measurements when choosing the size.