Shipping Detail

Shipping Details

1. Domestic delivery
Country Delivery Method
Japan Sagawa Express
* Okinawa & small islands are by Yamato transport.

EMS: Postal Express (Normally the delivery takes about 1-2 weeks for delivery. (Now it may take more due to the influence of Covid-19)
DHL: Normally the delivery may take about one week. (it might take more due to the influence of Covid-19)

2. EMS only
Shipping of SD-1000&SD-2000
China Available
Guam Available
Hong Kong Available
Indonesia Available
Macau Available
Malaysia Available
New Caledonia Available
Philippines Available
Singapore Available
South Korea Available
Taiwan Available
Thailand Available

3. Both EMS & DHL are available. (Cheaper method will show)
Shipping of SD-1000&SD-2000
Australia Available
Canada Available
Mexico Available
New Zealand Available
United States of America Available

4-1. DHL only (Mitt is by EMS)
Shipping of SD-1000&SD-2000
Belgium Available
Bulgaria Not Available
Czech Republic Available
Denmark Available
Finland Available
France Available
Germany Available
Hungary Not Available
Ireland Available
Italy Available
Netherlands Available
Norway Not Available
Poland Not Available
Portugal Not Available
Romania Available
Spain Not Available
Sweden Not Available
Switzerland Available
United Kingdom Available
* DHL can't deliver to PO Box.
*If DHL fee is too high with multiple-items order, we’ll ship by EMS.

4-2. All items by DHL only (except for SD-1000&SD-2000)
Shipping of SD-1000&SD-2000
Saudi Arabia Not Available
UAE Not Available
* DHL can't deliver to PO Box.

5. Following items are EMS delivery only. (DHL is not available)

6. Shipping fee for the order of Multiple items.
 Our system can't calculate the shipping fee for the order of multiple items automatically.
 The shipping fee you'll see at the end of order might be overcharge or undercharge.
 So, for the order of multiple items, we'll inform you the correct shipping fee after you place an order.

 Sorry for this inconvenience.

7. Taxes and other costs may occur in your country
 Our prices don't include the import tax and other cost may occur in your country.
 If the custom in your country decides to charge you for taxes & other costs,
 please follow their instruction and pay to them.