*Important Notice on Full Contact Karate Size Chart*
From June 28, 2018, size chart of K-400 is renewed. With other models, size chart is renewed on April 24, 2018. (Except for K-350). If you purchased our gi before, please check out new size chart (measurements after shrinking) carefully even if you are ordering the same model.

Notice on Kyokushin Items
We regret to announce that we are no longer able to sell our Kyokushin goods (including Gi & Belts) anymore, due to the trademark issue of “Kyokushin”.

As we don’t have the information about the stores selling Kyokushin goods now, we are very sorry that we can’t assist you with the purchase of Kyokushin goods.

We appreciate your patronage on our Kyokushin goods for long time, and apologize for this inconvenience.

The following site, "ISAMI Germany" is not related to our ISAMI and ISAMI Japan at all.

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Black belt Special
Black belt Special
【NameEmbroidery sample】 Karate belt
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Silk Black Belt (thick core) in Paulownia box
2~8:JPY 15228
Karate Belts (Made in Japan)
2~8:JPY 3240 ~
Black Karate Belt
2~4:JPY 2365
5~8:JPY 2473
Black Belt
Black Belt 42mm
2~4:JPY 3844
5~8:JPY 3952
Black Belt
Black Belt 45mm
2~4:JPY 3952
5~8:JPY 4060
Black Belt
Black Belt 47mm
2~4:JPY 4060
5~8:JPY 4168

【NameEmbroidery sample】 Jiu-Jitsu belt
For inquiry and order of customized Jiu-Jitsu belt, email